The full SMERGS Team for the 1987 challenge from the Artarmon Morning After the Night Before Golf Club. The winner? Who cares?

Helen Alexander, Rick Chadwick, Gracie Mathams, Ian Mathams, Rob Lowndes, Mike Bell, Phil Stabback, Russell Spear, Peter Burns, Chris Lowndes, Phil Alexander, Steph Stabback

Seated: Lynn Chadwick, Robin Burns, Sue Spear.

Children l to r: Julia Mathams, Rachel Chadiwck, Margot Mathams, Nick Mathams (with Ian), Adam Burns, Simon Burns, Anna Lowndes (standing), Sally Bell, Lucy Lowndes, Anike Spear, Ali Stabback, Chris Stabback, Michelle Spear??, Katherine Alexander, Kim Bell, ?, Tom Lowndes, Sally Chadwick, Dave Alexander, Jo Stabback, Mark Thirlwall, Phil Alexander

Russell Spear, Chris Bell, Sue Spear, Chris Lowndes, Robin Burns, Phil Alexander

Phil Alexander receives the SMERGS Team trophy from Brian Debnam of the MATNBGC

Is this what inspired the SMERGS song??

Steph Stabback and Phil Alexander supervise the "who can hit the furthest across the water" contest