Annual Dinner and farewell to Ray and Kim McGlinn - Friday 17 Nov 2017

A terrific night with the usual SMERGS song, scorers' report, great food and drink and general silliness but included a teary farewell to long time Club Professional Ray McGlinn and wife Kim led by an ode by Nick Hillyard (click here for lyrics - coming soon!) sung to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah".

And then to cap it all off the Sunday Morning Early Risers Golf Society Blues was performed by its writers The Smerg Brothers, Peter Smerg and Phil Smerg.  Click here for the lyrics to be sung to Rev Gary Davis's "Cocaine Blues".  Click here for Keith Richards' rendition, sadly not to the Smergs Brothers' lyrics!

Ray and Kim sent a message to Nick saying:
We are seriously speechless J Thank you to you and all the Smergs for a fun night and some extraordinary entertainment, we were both very humbled by your words and hospitality.
Luv your work & will catch up before we go & of course when we are up there at some time in the future. Can you please pass on to the “SMERGS”.
Kim & Ray


Sue, Gary and Louise study the menu for Kim and Ray

Ray says his farewell supported by Kim

The audience pays attention

Rick, Marie and John

Some look concerned - Helen, Peter and Lynn

The Smergs Brothers break into the blues

and get their notes perfect......

and there's more!