Nick's summary of this fantastic fundraising event

Dear Smergs & Ladies of the Smergs,


Thank you all for your unstinting support during our recent fund-raising event for BlazeAid.


What began as a whimsical idea whereby the Smergs set out to book Northbridge GC for a group of 72 players with each Smerg chucking in a bottle or two of wine for a low-key auction/raffle soon exploded into a major extravaganza which has generated the remarkable figure of around $63,000 for BlazeAid.  (Click here for the event poster.)


It just goes to show where the wonderful Chadwick hospitality on NYE can lead us. And thanks to Di Butler for introducing me to BlazeAid which proved to be an inspired choice of charity to support.  I lost count of how many people remarked that they were going to make a contribution to X,Y,Z charity but on hearing of the work performed by BlazeAid, steered their dollars our way.


Where do I end in thanking you all individually for your contribution?  Whether you gave prizes, attracted external golfing partners, bought prizes or gave of your time on the day, everyone did their bit, so thank you all very much.


And then there was Phil Stabback.  You all know what a huge contribution Phil made throughout January as the event became bigger and bigger but in truth you only know half of it.  I had the fun part doing what I do, phoning golf clubs, organising prizes etc but through it all Phil, in his quiet unassuming way, kept the entire event on track and we even balanced the books!?!  Thanks Phil it wouldn't have worked without you.  (Click here for Phil's Financial Report)


On the day the enthusiasm of all concerned was palpable and many of the Northbridge members remarked that it was one of the most lively social events they have ever attended at the Club. Thanks to you all for pitching in to sell the raffle tickets, manage the registration, receive the cash, organise the food and finally, Sue, to make sure that every donor received a personal thank you note advising them of the amount raised.  (Click here for the photo gallery.)


Everyone, that is, except the Smergs. So here it is, I have had an email from the founder of BlazeAid thanking us for our fabulous work and I can only add my thanks to you all for your contribution. It was an enormous effort and great fun but it will not become an annual event.


Thank you Smergs,


Nick  30 January 2020