The Covid Christmas Challenge

13 December 2020

TD and Organiser  Rick Butler

The Event

The CCC (Covid Christmas Challenge).
Nearest the Pin on all par 3’s (the 11th will be nearest in two shots) Long Drive on 18.
The Team event a 2BWB (that’s a 2 Ball Worst Ball).  The opposite to 2BBB.
Teams of two arranged in groups with the low markers pairing with the high markers.  Low marker to swing in any groups of 3.
Normal 1 Ball in and normal coffee rules apply.  Additional prizes courtesy of the TD.

2020 Results

14 Smergs turned up on a beautiful morning all sporting Christmas attire with Steve Urwin decorating his buggy with twin panels of a sleigh with flashing lights.   Gazza made a rare appearance but only for coffee.

NTP on 11 in 2 won by the TD.
NTP's on 15, 16 and 17 won by Neil, Alan O'D and a tie between Nick and Ken for the 17th.  Neil's shot just missed going in and he had a gimme birdie.
Long Drive was won by Declan who outdrove Neil by 10 metres.  Neil's shot was a cracker so he was most disappointed!
The 2BWB won by a margin of 4 was David Thornton and TD with 15 points. The worst of the worst were 2 teams headed by Alan O'D who managed 7 points.  No loss of shots for this novelty event with just 2 balls to each wnner.
David T wins the day and loses a shot as normal.
Team 3 paid for coffee
Click here for individual scores

A great morning of Smerging finished with a shortened version of the scorers report from Peter Thornton.  Highlights being Rick C being presented with the Double Cap Mug and Rob L winning the Butlers Bakery Café award for generosity extraordinaire in the coffee department.
Photos to be provided by David T and Declan O'D.

Big thanks to TD Rick B

The Photos: