Smerging through COVID-19 (17th May 2020)
The 5th April 2020 rules stated below were changed from Sunday 24th May to allow up to four players to play together.  
The first three to arrive on the tee hit off first leaving the rest to work out their threes and fours in order of arrival.

A summary of some rules adopted from 5 April 20 to comply with NGC and government advice/regulations to stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.       First and foremost, don’t play if you have any doubts about your health or signs of a cold or temperature

2.       Wash hands before (at home or in the clubhouse) and after (in the clubhouse) playing or use your own hand sanitiser

3.       We play in pairs keeping a 1.5m min distance and do not mingle with other pairs (groups are definitely a no no)

4.       We play in order of arriving at the 10th tee, so the first two play together and hit off first, followed by the next two etc.  The last may be a single player.  The pairs are to move on swiftly so no grouping on the 10th tee or after the game

5.       Do not touch other player’s equipment, balls or the flags (NGC have installed a neat cylindrical sponge in each hole so you can pick out your ball without touching the cup or the flag)

6.       When finished, agree with your partner your scores.  Suggest SMS or email your scores to Rob (just handicap/strokes/points)

7.       Up to each pair to decide whether to share a takeaway coffee or not.  Otherwise go straight home!  Two pairs should not meet on the same coffee shop footpath as that would form an illegal group with potential heavy fine from the thought police and even dobbing in by passers-by

8.       At 10:00pm each Sunday morning we have a ZOOM conference from our home on our phones/PC’s to discuss the game, share the scores and solve the problems of the world like we always do. 

9.       An eighth column has been added to the Summary page on the web site to show each player’s ball tally.  For example if on the day five players, one winner, then the winner would have ‘4’ added to the tally column against his name and each of the other four players would have ‘-1’ added to their tally.  When the troubles are over we can square up with actual boxed balls!

10.   No more ‘coffee blues’ on the Summary page but still a Croc each week.

11.   Other SMERGS rules continue to apply

12.   No majors unless the TD for a major can work out a way to run the major without infringing the group activity regulations.