Inaugural Gentlemen's Lunch Club

Thursday 16 June 2022, 1230 hours

Nick reports (link created on the History page):
The first iteration of the above-mentioned Gentlemen's Lunch Club occurred in the glorious surroundings of Long Reef Golf Club.
Attendance was good and we managed to adjust the seating plan after the late-withdrawal of Ricky B.
The event coincided with the 75th birthday of one S Figgis while the previous day M Bell esq achieved 76 years.
Thanks to Tim B for the booking and to Phil S for the inspiration.
It was put to the attendant Social Committee that this
should become a bi-monthly event and said motion was passed. unanimously. Accordingly John Webb esq and Ricky B (in absentia) were nominated to co-ordinate the second coming at Royal Northbridge towards the end of August.
Thanks to all who attended and Happy Birthday to Mike and Steve

Attendees including photographer Thornto