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Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, Kirribilli


4 November 2005


Ladies and fellows


I am pleased to announce tonight an innovation in the life of our society, the venerable SMERGS. It is the creation of the SMERGS HALL OF FAME.


The USPGA has a Hall of Fame, and I am surprised that they have not approached us for guidance in this. This was one motivation for me in this venture. The other is to acknowledge fellows of our society who have performed outstanding and meritorious service.


There may be some who see this as the creation of an elite within our ranks. This observation is perfectly accurate. But we should not see this as a threat – rather as a level of membership to which we should all aspire, a mountain which we should all seek to conquer.


The purpose of the SMERGS HOF is simply to recognise outstanding contributions to SMERGery. What greater accolade could be bestowed upon any one of us?


I am proud to say that I am to blame for everything to do with the HOF. I, acting alone and without consultation or reference to any other fellow, have invented the HOF and will be responsible for inducting its first member. Thereupon, my responsibilities cease, as further inductions will be the province of existing members (or, currently, member).


In doing so, I beseech the members to apply three criteria strictly and consistently, as I have done in determining foundation membership.


1                     Participation in ordinary events, tour events and special occasions. We don’t want part timers to be in the HOF. We want committed members.

2                     Outstanding contribution to a range of aspects of SMERGS life.

3                     Righteousness and virtue.


I have applied the criteria rigorously, and I expected to find no one. But I am pleased and honoured to announce that the first inductee in the SMERGS HOF is




As we all know, Rob has not only organised a number of memorable events over they years and been known for his high levels of attendance and participation, but every week he updates the website with everybody’s scores, adjusts handicaps, records who pays for coffee and generally keeps us as honest as anyone possibly could – not an easy task when you look around this room.


In the SMERGS tradition, he receives very little recognition or thanks for this.


But now he has – congratulations, Rob, on being inducted as the first member of the venerable company of the SMERGS Hall of Fame.

I expect to see this recorded as soon as possible on the website.


Thanks you ladies and fellows of the Society.





In recognition of the outstanding contribution made to:

  the maintenance of the Society’s website

  the organisation of excellent, enjoyable and economical events and

  enhancing good cheer and fellowship in the Society.


Signed and sealed this 4th day of November, 2005 A.D.



P G Stabback Esq.

Acting Honorary Inaugural Convenor of the SMERGS Hall of Fame (Temporary)