17th Annual Hunter Tour and Cypress Lakes Classic   
30 March to 2 April 2017

2017 TD's Report:

Great attendance, great food, unbelievable wine, variable golf and phenomenal weather------what a heady cocktail!

Thanks very much to Peter Thornton, Rick Butler, Roger Meadows and NH for making the entire Tour as well as providing valuable assistance with food (PT , wine (RB ) and breakfast (RM). In the Mini Tournament to decide the Champion of Champions 2017 the results were extraordinarily close with NH & RB in a tie for first place with an aggregate of 124 points over the 4 days, followed by RM with 122 and PT with 121. Who says the handicapping system is dodgy?

And on to the Classic where once again the tried and trusted Smergs handicap structure was put to the test. Winning the day with an incredible 40 points (is this the best ever winning score for a major-major, I ask myself?) was the indomitable Steve Figgis with a matching pair of 20's. It wasn't always as easy for SF on the HVCC & Vintage but it just goes to show that it's not how many times you peak so much as when such ecstasy occurs and for Stephen he peaked at the perfect time for a well-deserved victory.

Much to the delight of the assembled lags, the front half was shared by KM & RM with 16 points while the back half was won by NH with 22 points (just securing victory from a fast-finishing SU with 20). The team event was won by Team 1, NH, RM & PB, while the NTP was won by PB and the LD by TB.

On the social side, Muse Restaurant again hosted a fabulous meal on Thursday night as did The Cellar on Saturday while Penny's Pies again proved to be a popular choice for Friday. Thanks to most attendees for their wonderful wines and for those who forget, you have a very high standard to achieve next year!!  (Of special note at The Cellar was the announcement that, much to the happy surprise of her parents, Sally Chadwick had just married Ben - no wonder RC had to go home for the day!)

A total of 26 rounds were completed over the 4 days with RB victorious on day 1 with 36 points, followed by RM 33, MB 31, NH & RC 30, PT 28. 

On day 2 the group was joined by SF, TB, PB & SU at HVCC where PB had an extraordinary day winning by a country mile with 45 points, followed by PT 34, NH 32, MB 31, RC 30, SU, RM 29, SF 28, RB 27 & TB 26.

Day 3 saw the loss of MB & RC but the addition of KM & RL for the much anticipated humiliation at the hands of The Vintage! Our resident hard course specialist, RB, again came out on top with 33 points followed by PT 31, RL 30, RM 29, TB 28, KM & PB 26, NH 25, SU 18 & SF 17.

Then there was The Classic where the same group of 10 lined up for perhaps the longest running Major-Major.  Results below.

There it is for another year. Heartfelt thanks must go to the Meteorological Office for misjudging the forecast and giving us 4 days of perfect playing conditions. 

Finally, congratulations once again to Stephen Figgis for a remarkable 40 points to win the Classic and to PB for one of the great rounds in Smergs history at HVCC with his 45 points. Next year we will probably move the Tour to a mid-week event as it is becoming progressively more difficult to secure weekend tee times at a reasonable hour. Thanks to all attendees.


2017 Results:




Front 9 Stableford

Back 9 Stableford

Total Stableford


 Nick Hillyard 19 15 22 37

 (31.33 avge)

 Roger Meadows 19 16 15 31
   Peter Burns 26 15 11 26


 Rick Butler 7 12 16 28

 (31.00 avge)

 Tim Becker 23 13 12 25
   Steve Figgis 36 20 20 40


 Ken Miller 18 16 14 30

 (27.50 avge)

 Peter Thornton 23 10 18 28
   Rob Lowndes 24 10 11 21
   Steve Urwin 34 11 20 31

2017 Prizes:

 Overall Winner  Steve Figgis (2 shots lost)
 Front Nine  Roger Meadows/Ken Miller (1 shot each)  Back Nine  Nick Hillyard (1 shot lost)
 Longest Drive 9th  Tim Becker  NTP 11th  Peter Burns
 Best Team  Team 1  The Croc  Rob Lowndes (again!)

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