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The Killara Occasional Cup
(or KOCUP)  

Killara Golf Club Thursday 15 March 2018

2018 Event:  TD Peter Thornton's report:
A field of eight assembled on a glorious March morning to contest the Killara Occasional Cup – only six were regular SMERGS as the rest had weak excuses like “I have to work”, “I didn’t know it was on”, “I’d rather play around with my wife”, “my shoulder is stuffed” and other irrelevancies. Stepping in to make up the fours were my brother-in-law and occasional if infrequent player in SMERGS comps, Neil McLaren – member at Moruya and my former business Partner “Uncle” Keith Walker – member at North Ryde and golfing tragic.

Handicaps were scaled in strict relation to current SMERGS handicaps with the object of giving every one the maximum chance of scoring 30 - 36 or hopefully even better points on a long course; Even so there was the usual whingeing like “my handicap is less than my Club handicap but his is more” as if that was going to cut it with the Tournament Director. Teams were arranged so that each had the same number of Stableford points.

Prizes were to be awarded as follows:
•       Guests can win any prize except the KOCUP
•       NP 11th, LD 16th (two balls each)
•       Front 9 individual S’ford Points (6 balls)
•       Back 9 individual S’ford Points (6 balls)
•       Team Prize – team total S’ford Points (one ball each)
•       The KOCUP – individual total S’ford Points (ten balls)

Killara turned it on for us as, since they didn’t have a trade day on, we could hit off a bit later at 8am and we had no one pressuring us behind as the members were held back to 10:30 am – despite this temptation to dawdle, both groups got around in 4 ¼ hours, no double whipped along by team captains Nick and Rick.

The Tournament Director announced at the start that “gimmes” of up to two putter grips could be given – this was met with howls and screams that this was far too generous and it should be only 1 putter grip! But by observation “gimmes” of up to two putter grips were regularly given!!

Full results below.  Sadly a guest cannot win the KOCUP and Neil who scored 38 had to give way to SMERG Hillyard who scored a very creditable 37 despite being off less than his AGU handicap. So Nick loses two shots just in time for his own Hunter Valley Tour! Ain’t life grand!

So all in all a great day out and with the notable exception of the Member himself, everyone scoring over 30 points – which was the intention of the handicaps. And better still the winner has not won the KOCUP before, maintaining the record of a new winner each year.

But one thing is for sure - McLaren will never again be handicapped equal with Thornto – not even down at Moruya!

2018 Results:


Player Handicap

Stableford Points

Front 9

Back 9



 Nick Hillyard

23 19 18 37

130 points

 Rick Chadwick

33 17 17 34


 Peter Thornton

27 16 12 28


 Keith Walker (guest)

21 17 14 31


 Rick Butler

14 17 16 33

139 points

 Neil McLaren (guest)

27 18 20 38


 Alan Waddington

30 18 17 35


 Gary Skulander

32 14 19 33


 Cup winner

 Nick Hillyard  2 shots

 Best team

 Team 2

 Front 9

 Alan Waddington, 1 shot

 Back 9

 Gary Skulander, 1 shot

 NTP 11

 Gary Skulander

 Long drive 16

 Neil McLaren


The Photo:

2018 Winner, Nick Hillyard with TD Peter T

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