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The Country Classic (featuring the Tweed Jacket)

Macquarie Links – Sunday, 16 July 2016

The day:  Two teams of four with occasional visitor Neil McLaren making up the numbers. Light rain to start but then fine with no wind and course was in good condition for winter.  Cost was $85 including cart.  Neil eligible for all prizes other than those costing one or two shots.

Highlight for team one was when Gazza took his cart close to a creek to look for his ball only to take the cart out of its comfort zone - so "reverse only" which just took him closer and closer to the creek.  Partner Rick Butler hid behind a tree in fear that the cart and both sets of clubs would end up in the creek.  The Pro came to the rescue and we just may be able to play at Macquarie Links again.

In keeping with tradition, both teams were given a coloured ball to be played in handicap order and scores kept for the coloured ball until lost or the end. The only determinant of the winning team was to be the team with the lowest coloured ball points.  Just one other local rule - "a substitute ball may be played on the 11th hole and if lost the coloured ball must be played from the drop zone".  Now with normal play starting from 1st hole this would have meant Lowndes and Urwin were playing the gorge for their respective teams after a long warm up. But instead we started on the 10th hole which meant the gorge honour fell on number 2 players Skulander and McLaren.  Gazza put his substitute straight into the gorge and did the same from the drop zone - ball gone, having scored just one point on the previous hole.  Neil faired better and struggled to keep the ball in play, although it already had 3 points from Thornto on the 10th.  Then Steve U promptly lost it in the rough on the 12th hole!  So no arguments, Team 2 won the team event after just two holes!

To add interest, the teams agreed that the team with the worst 2BBB score on the last nine (the front nine) would buy $20 worth of lottery tickets for the group.  Very generous thanks Team 2 (with 41 points to Team 1's 44).

We'll be back next year
Rob Lowndes TD

2016 Results




Front 9 S’ford

Back 9 S‘ford

Total S’ford




13 14 27



15 16 31




16 21 37




20 14 34




14 17 31



21 16 37




8 9 17



13 13 26

The Prizes:

 Best Individual (+TWEED)  Rob Lowndes
 Front 9 Individual  Steve Figgis  Back 9 Individual  Peter Thornton
 NTP 8th  Neil McLaren  Longest Drive  Rick Butler
 Best Group (Survival Ball)  Team 2  (Team 1 2BBB on front nine)


The Photos:

The Players, visitor Neil McLaren on left

2015 Winner presents The Jacket

11th Hole on 5th June 16

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