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The Country Classic (featuring the Tweed Jacket)

Macquarie Links – Sunday, 5 November 2017, 7:00am, $65 each

2017 The Day:  A damp, cool morning but a course in great condition.  Handicaps were decided by adding 8 to the current low SEMRGS handicaps and then adjusting proportionaly to the Mac Links slope of 138.  We started on the 10th.
Rick B sponsored an NTP prize on the 5th with no winners so he graciously transferred the bounty to the 8th where Nick prevailed over Tim, the only two on the green.
Nick sponsored a team prize for the coloured ball, starting on the 12th hole.  Both teams knocked the ball into the water off the 14th tee so that team prize went to team 1 who had already scored a massive 4 points with their coloured ball.  Team 2 made up for it by easily winning the 1:2:3 team prize.  TD Rob won the LD on the last hole largely because no one else was on the fairway!
Nick, no doubt inspired by a terrific par on the tough 11th hole, easily won with 35 points, losing two shots but winning the honour of wearing The Tweed Jacket for his first time.  Tim  won the front nine and Rick B the back.
Rules for the day were

A fun though damp day!!
TD Rob

2017 Results




Front 9 S’ford

Back 9 S‘ford

Total S’ford


 Rick Butler

13 14 13 27


 Peter Thornton 28 11 12 23


 Rob Lowndes

31 10 12 22
   Steve Figgis 39 12 5 17


 Nick Hillyard

23 18 17 35

 Peter Burns 

28 7 6 13


 Tim  Becker 28 20 7 27
   Gary Skulander 29 11 8 19

The Prizes:

 Best Individual  Nick Hillyard  Front 9 Individual  Tim Becker
 Back 9 Individual  Rick Butler  NTP 8th  Nick Hillyard
 Best Team  Team 2  Longest Drive 9th  Rob Lowndes


The Photo:

Nick receives the jacket from 2016 winner Rob

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