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Inaugural New Years Honours Major-Minor

Northbridge Golf Club Sunday 1st January 2017

TD Nick Hillyard's Report

It's Smergery at its best! A stellar cast of 10 Smergs plus a welcome return of PB bro-in-law, Steve, meant that the inaugural New Years Honours Major-Minor featured 11 outstanding golfers at the somewhat disconcerting hour of 7a.m. 

True to tradition, rules were made up as the cast assembled and culminated in a team Waltz whereby one score from the team counted on the first hole, two on the second and three on the third and this sequence was repeated for the 9 holes. In addition, the ever-popular coloured ball was re-introduced and in most cases didn't survive the first 3 holes to the delight of team one for whom the 'survival' ball was their only hope of a prize! 

Individual long drives on the 12th and an NTP on the 17th provided additional excitement to an event played in glorious conditions. Overseas players, JW & JF played off the equal lowest handicap of the day, 17, and teams were drawn out of the hat in customary manner. 

The individual winners were duly knighted at the close of play and may carry their title for a full year, though it has yet to be revealed whether they will accept such an honour.

So Sir Robert Lowndes and Sir Stephen Figgis be upstanding and accept your titles as the joint winners of the Inaugural New Years Day Honours Major Minor and the loss of one shot each. The long drive was won by boom-boom Ferreira who narrowly knocked off our other overseas interloper John "rescue club" Webb. NTP was won by Mike "precision" Bell. The yellow ball was the redeeming feature for group one and the Waltz was won by Team 3 with The Phantom losing a shot!  Team 3 waltz score was 45, Team 2 44 and Team 1 43 - tight!

In a further extraordinary development, a Rules change was unanimously agreed whereby Overseas resident members have their handicap adjusted to 18 and forthwith will 'only' lose a shot for every 6 weeks missed. Messrs Phil Stabback and Peter McDougall become 'lapsed' Members and in the event that they play in future events will be allocated a handicap by the TD. ( this last item was actually neither discussed nor agreed but I thought it made sense so slipped it in anyway ). 

A great way to start the year and to start the Major season. Congratulations to Rob & Steve who swept all aside and to John, John & Roger who all accepted extra shots with good grace. 


Click here for individual results.  (3 balls in to fund all the prizes.)

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