The Croc'n'Brock Memorial Cup

(SMERGS Pairs Championship - equivalent in status to the June long weekend Beige Jacket)


The event:


1      To be held over 18 holes at Royal Northbridge GC on Labor Day (October long weekend) over 18 holes.


2      To be played in teams of two as follows:

holes 1-4:               stableford ambrose (averaged handicaps rounded up applying each team member to have at least one tee shot counted)

holes 5-8:               stableford foursomes (averaged handicaps rounded up applying alternate tee shots)

holes 9-13:             stableford better ball

holes 14-18:           stableford aggregate


Highest stableford team score becomes SMERGS Pairs Champions (naturally).

(Note:  the difficulty of remembering what is happening and scoring should lead to many disputes. This is good!)


2 October 2006 Results (Inaugural Event):



 Bruce Rowe & Gary Skulander (The Champions)  56 points
2  Nick Hillyard & John Ferreira  50 points
3  Rick Butler & Steve Figgis  47 points
4  Rob Miller & James Halliday  44 points
5  Phil Stabback & Rick Chadwick  43 points

                    Longest Drive - Rob Miller
                    NTP 2nd shot, 2nd hole - James Halliday & Rob Miller


3       Teams to be formed in the following manner -

4       Prize:   Suggestions welcome special caps? Pair of pillow slips? Festive candles?


        Phil Stabback, Acting Temporary TD

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