The SMERGS Masters

January 2021

TD Peter Thornton


Following the rapturous response to my email proposing a SMERGS Masters competition and your further enthusiasm expressed this morning, I am pleased to announce that it will be run this coming January for the first time.


The rules (in addition to the Rules of Golf, Local Rules and SMERGS rules):

The actual event!

Many thanks to all the participants in the inaugural 2021 SMERGS Masters. I thought the tournament was always played in good spirit and I enjoyed the help I received along the way with stuff like the rules and reporting of results.
I don’t expect there were many “gimmes” over 400 mms, were there!!!  And there was  no squabbling about handicaps either!! We were lucky with weather and in the end 14 SMERGS were able to record the required minimum of 4 complete rounds of the back nine out of the six possible. Webby got called away to Melbourne and was unable to do so but had committed to the comp and kindly stuck his $10 in early! Many completed 6 rounds and some 5 rounds.
The results were variously disastrous with, I suspect the first time in SMERG history, the TD running last in his own event and his score being exceeded by one SMERG who only completed 3 rounds – what a disgrace! – and fabulous with the eventual winner basically only having to turn up  for his fourth round and knock a ball around the park. Which is pretty much what he did with some extravagantly wide driving!
Some valiant efforts were made at the last post to catch him but to no avail. The Second Runners – up were Nick Hillyard 69 (18,18,15,18) and James Halliday 69 (17,18,17,17) for (shared) $20. The First Runner Up was Rick Chadwick 71 (18,16,18,19) for $50 and the Winner – Steve Penny 77 (24,17,21,15) for $100. Well done to all!

Click here for the final results and certificates.

I will be happy to organize the 2022 Masters if the voices are sufficiently thunderous in their demand for another go round!

Peter, Convenor, Rule Maker, TD and General Poo Bah of the Smergs Masters 2021

The Photo

TD presents the winners cheque and certificates to Steve Penny - 31 Jan 21