Updated 15 May 22

  • 15/05  Just two SMERGS turned up and played until rain aborted play, fortunately avoiding any dispute as to whether two players are enough to constitute a SMERGS event?!  Of greater concern was the total absence of any SMERG who may have attended a dance party the previous night.  What ever happened to the old SMERGS spirit of turning up after a heavy night out?  Are we all getting too old?

  • In the recent switch to Bonds Corner we didn't take account one very important member's incapacity.  Phil struggled with the new venue this morning and unless there is strong objection we should return to The Plaza.

  • Next Majors:
    26 May for the Monash May Masters and
    13 June for the SMERGS Club Championship

Sunrise this morning 8 May 22 (who cares about the golf?)

TD Big Al presents the Anzac Day Trophy to winner James H, 25 April 2022

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