The Newcastle Flyer (back to top)

Sunday April ??

Location:  Newcastle

Tournament Organiser: Alan Waddington

Sadly the 2014 event was not held as there were not enough starters to make it financially viable for the organising committee.


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The Northern Beaches Goodwill Golf Pairs Championship (back to top)

Sunday 29 March 2015

Location:Long Reef GC

Tournament Organiser: Phil Stabback

The 2015 event

A beautiful Northern Beaches day greeted 9 enthusiastic SMERGS at Long Reef GC on Sunday 28 March. An exciting pairs event in which every player had two partners resulted in Peter (Can everyone please ignore how the handicaps were calculated) Thornton and Tim (This is my patch) Becker running out convincing winners.  The SMERGS were joined by their partners for a very enjoyable lunch before heading home to watch Australia trample on NZ. Great disappointment that the jacket could not be presented (because we don't know where it is), but a great day all round!  (Ed. - Phil's briefing below is how it all happened.)

Handicaps Provided by A/Temp/Honorary Handicapper Rob Lowndes




















NOTE:  The second, third and fourth strokes will be applied according to hole ratings 19-36 on the card (if you know what I mean)


The Teams

We have 9 players, so can’t have traditional twosomes in any sense. So, every player will be a member of 2 teams. Teams are based on handicap groupings and some random drawing out of a sweaty SMERGS hat by Steph.




Group 3 – PETER T, TIM, MIKE

Team 1A:

PS-PB:  69pts

Team 2A:

NH-GS: 50pts

Team 3A:

PT-TB:  72pts

Team 1B:

PB-SU:  50pts

Team 2B:

GS-SF:  52pts

Team 3B:

TB-MB:  60pts

Team 1C:

SU-PS:  54 pts

Team 2C:

SF-NH:  50pts

Team 3C:

MB-PT:  45pts


So, if each of us takes a card, we should be able to keep score for one team. Please mark the team number (e.g. Team 2B) on the card. Don’t know why but it might help in the end. This will be hilarious, believe me.

The Events (winners highlighted in yellow)


Event 1:                 PAIRS:    TOTAL STABLEFORD POINTS – Peter Thornton and Tim Becker

                                Holes 9-14 – Stableford better ball

                                Holes 15-2 – Stableford aggregate

                                Holes  3-8  – Stableford multiplier (which should make it even funnier!)

(Prizes: the coveted duo jacket + 10 balls each; penalty: 2 shots each)

This event will present some real challenges in scoring, but I know we are up to it. AND, everyone gets two chances to win!! How good is that!


Event 2:                 INDIVIDUAL: TOTAL STABLEFORD POINTS OVER 6 HOLES  - Phil Stabback

                                Super six holer (individual Stableford total on holes 3-8)

(Prize: 5 balls; penalty: one shot)


Event 3:                 Nearest the pin on hole 13 (Prize: 2 balls) – Tim Becker


Event 4:                 Longest drive on hole 14 (Prize: 2 balls – Steve Figgis


Conditions of play

Tees:                     Play will be off the WHITE tees.

Balls-in:                  Each player will contribute 3 individually boxed balls = 27 + 2 extra from the A/TDs = 29

Gimmes:                 Real gimmes (like tap-ins within 30 cm or so)

Pace:                      Don’t  dawdle, pick up if you can’t score, play normal SMERGS ‘rules’

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The Obelisk   (back to top)

2 November 2014

2014 titleholders: Tim Becker, Peter Thornton

Event: The Obelisk3 club event was played with 6 participants with Tim and Peter sharing the balls for a loss of one stroke each on a beautiful coolish spring morning.
Tournament Organiser:
Nick Hillyard

2014 Results: Click here



                The Bobbick    (back to top)

(or The Golden Putter)

Sunday 21 December 2014

2014 titleholder: Nick Hillyard (record 9 putts)

2014 Event - TD Nick's report: 

An extraordinary day at The Royal with not just one but two records set as the assembly, nay the masses, gathered on a glorious pre-Christmas morning to play the 30 year anniversary Bobbick event, celebrating ability with a short stick. (Please check US history for the story of John Bobbick who was left with a short stick after his wife, Lorena,  took to him with a pair of scissors).


This event, inaugurated in 1993 the year of the over-zealous circumcision, has given great pleasure to Smergs throughout the years. To-day, the event record was comprehensively established by Nick the (still intact but somewhat restricted) Dick, who created an almost impossible record of 9 putts, over the back nine at The Royal to create Smerging history.


In addition, in a field of 13, including two welcome virgins (not to say Debutantes) Steve and John, 4 players achieved a score off the stick of less than 40! Congratulations to Ricky B, (does it every week), Phil Stabback (has done it for 30 years) and Alan O'Donovan (turns up every 5 years) for their consistent excellence and to the modest, understated Nick the -ick, who is as astonished as you are by this accomplishment. The aforementioned N the D would also like it to be known that his score was achieved in spite of 2 lost balls (seems somewhat symbollick-sic- when one considers the event!).


And there it is, another classic morning of Smerging. To Steve and John, welcome and I look forward to knowing you well enough to start heaping abuse in your direction.

Click here for stableford results.

Past winners:
 Player  Putts
 Nick Hillyard 9
 Rick Butler 13
 Alan O'Donovan 13
 Phil Stabback 14
 Steve Figgis 14
 Tim Becker 14
 Peter Thornton 15
 Gary Skulander 15
 Alan Waddington 17
 Mike Bell 21
 Rob Lowndes 22
 Year  Winner  Putts
 2014  Nick Hillyard 9
 2013  Rick Chadwick 13
 2012  Rob Lowndes 13
 2011  Nick Hillyard 12
 2010  Rob Lowndes 13
 2009  Rob Lowndes 14
 2008  Alan Waddington ?
 2007  Rick Butler 14
 2006  Peter Macdougall 12
 2005  Peter Thornton 12
 2004  Nick Hillyard 13
 2003  Tim Becker (MOST putts!) 18

TD: Nick Hillyard


Saint Mary McKillop Miracle Open   (back to top)
(Note name change since canonisation in October 2010

MONDAY 26 January 2015

Tournament Director:  Peter Thornton

2015 Rules for the Day:

2014 Results:
Played on a coolish morning with some drizzle......
Click here for full results.

 Winner  Mike Bell - 19 points and loss of one shot
 Longest drive 14th  Peter Burns
 NTP 16th  Rick Butler
 Miracles  One from each team - all verified
 Coffee  Group 3 (Butler, Lowndes, Miller, Burns)
 Individual scores  See Results page



THE DAWN PATROL  (back to top)


Sunday,  26th April 2015 (23rd Year)

TD Alan Waddington


Played each year at Royal Northbridge Golf Club on ANZAC Day

The longest running SMERGS major.  Played over the back nine until 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 played over 18 holes.
In 2010 rain prevented play on 25th April and the event was played over the back nine the following day, a public holiday.

In 2011 rain again prevented play on Anzac Day and just four intrepid SMERGS turned up on the following day (a public holiday due to Easter Monday) to play in intermittent rain.

In 2012, played over the first ten holes which proved popular as 12 intrepid SMERGS did battle with the unfamiliar holes.

In 2013. TD Alan reverted to the back nine format.

In 2015
Sadly TD Alan took forced leave due to injury (crook back) but attended the Schmooze to hand out the prizes and mediate over the usual intra regiment conflicts.  Tim bravely accepted his promotion to Acting TD on a cool, water logged battlefield.  Tim led the Ode on the 10th tee followed by a minute's silence and the traditional tipple of CSR Directors' Special rum.


After considerable re-adjusting of the scores, the ANZAC Day Trophy was awarded to Steve Figgis with 22 points, for the second year in a row.  The two four man sections of the SMERGS platoon averaged 20 points each and Alan gallantly picked up the coffee bill.  The tied teams meant that all players were returned one of the two balls entry fee.  Tim was NTP on 15th and Peter T longest drive on 18th.


 2015  Results:               Click here for individual results

 The Winner

 Steve Figgis
 NTP 15th  Tim Becker
 Longest Drive 18th  Peter Thornton
 Best team  Two four man sections tied on 17.5 point average


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