The Northern Beaches Goodwill Golf Pairs Championship (back to top)

Sunday 20 November 2016

Location:Long Reef GC

Tournament Organiser: Tim Becker

The 2016 event

Another beautiful Northern Beaches day greeted 8 SMERGS at Long Reef on Sunday 20 November.  After a long wait we hit off around 8:45 to arrive back at the clubhouse around 1:30pm to be joined by our partners for a great lunch and prize giving and to witness a wedding just six feet away (was she really marrying that "old" man?).  For the joy of those absent (esp Nick, see photo below at Australian Open) there was a huge loss of handicap strokes by participants.  Becker/Miller were in an unbreakable tie with Lowndes/Skulander for the pairs championship to lose two shots each and win just four balls each.  Chadders won the individual Super Six Holer (based on just the last six holes) with 13 points to lose one shot and win four balls.

All played on unadjusted SMERGS handicaps.  The TD decreed that the jacket would be worn/stored by one team for six months and the trophy with the other team, then swap for the next six months.  Huge responsibility! 
Terrific day thanks Tim.

The Events (and winners)


Event 1:                 PAIRS Championship:    TOTAL STABLEFORD POINTS

                                Holes 1- 6 – Stableford better ball

                                Holes 7-12 – Stableford aggregate

                                Holes 13-18  – Stableford multiplier

                            (Prizes: the coveted duo jacket + loss of 2 shots each)

Pairs (handicaps)


Gary 25 /Rob 26

16+23+18 = 57

Peter T 20/Alan 25


Rick C 27/ Steve U 32


Ken 19/  Tim 24

16+23+18 = 57


Event 2:                INDIVIDUAL: TOTAL STABLEFORD POINTS OVER last 6 holes
                            Super Six Holer (individual Stableford total on holes 13-18)
                            Winner: Rick C 13


Event 3:                 Nearest the pin on hole 13 (Prize: 2 balls) – Rob (huge distance from hole!)


Event 4:                 Longest drive on hole 14 (Prize: 2 balls – Alan (huge drive)


The Photos



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The Obelisk (three club event)   (back to top)

19 November 2017

2017 titleholder: Rick Butler

Event: Glorious conditions and a field of 10 who had recovered magnificently from the rigours of Friday night. In the Clubhouse, not only did we have Ray's smiling face to greet us at 6 but also Kim made an appearance at 8.30 to lighten our darkness.
With the 3 club minor major and an additional 10 points, club selection became a source of speculation in the car park. Three players rather randomly ignored history and dispensed with their putters and all 3 ended in the bottom third of the field.......there's a moral to this story! 
The winning balls went to Rick Butler with a very tidy 36 shots which would have won most days but with a handicap of 10 he left the field in his wake.
Tournament Organiser:
Nick Hillyard

2017 Results: Click here



                The Bobbick    (back to top)

(or The Golden Putter)

Sunday ??
TD: Nick Hillyard

2017 titleholder: Rick Butler/Steve Urwin (14 putts)

2017 Event: 
Nine turned up on a glorious morning so TD Nick declared game on for the Golden Putter. 
Some highlights for the day included the failure of Rob to remember to load his clubs, buggy and shoes into the boot of his car (thanks to Ray for the loan), and after trying desperately to find Ricky B's ball on the 14th after a chip from down the hill it turned up in the hole!
For the tournament itself, Steve U won twice (overall stableford plus tied minimum putts) to lose two shots while Ricky B lost a shot for tying for The Bobbick.
TD Nick declared a separate teams event for the least putts so team Urwin/Butler/ Lowndes won a ball each with an average 15 putts, followed by team Hillyard/Miller/Skulander avge 17 putts and team Thornton/Becker/Bell with 17.66667 putts.
That's it until next year.

Click here for stableford results.

2017 Results:
Past winners:
 Player  Putts
 Rick Butler 14
 Steve Urwin 14
 Peter Thornton 15
 Ken Miller 16
 Nick Hillyard 16
 Rob Lowndes 17
 Tim Becker 19
 Gary Skulander 19
 Mike Bell 19
 Year  Winner  Putts
 2017  Rick Butler/Steve Urwin 14
 2016  Rick Butler/Rob Lowndes 13
 2014  Nick Hillyard 9
 2013  Rick Chadwick 13
 2012  Rob Lowndes 13
 2011  Nick Hillyard 12
 2010  Rob Lowndes 13
 2009  Rob Lowndes 14
 2008  Alan Waddington ?
 2007  Rick Butler 14
 2006  Peter Macdougall 12
 2005  Peter Thornton 12
 2004  Nick Hillyard 13
 2003  Tim Becker (MOST putts!) 18


Saint Mary McKillop Miracle Open   (back to top)

Friday 26 January 20

Tournament Director:  Peter Thornton

2018  Rules for the Day

Rules for the Day:
•   Back Nine - white marks
•   SMERG handicaps (to be validated by the Webmeister)
•   Groups to be drawn as follows: according to the number of groups, the lowest handicappers on the day will be nominated as team captains – the order of play will be selecting their ball from a hat and then they will then in turn select a ball from a hat to pick their team; a team of three will play first.
•   No “I must be in the first group” requests please.
•   No "gimme puts" please - anybody begging for or giving a put to be disqualified from award of the trophy but not from paying for coffee;
•   Two "RB audited" balls in please;
•   Winner(s) on Stableford takes what is by far the most tasteful trophy in the Smergs cabinet and at least half the balls;
•    Nearest the pin on the green in one on the 16th (2 balls);
•    Longest drive on the cut fairway of the 14th hole (2 balls);
•   Most “miraculous” shot in each group by acclamation of the group (two balls each) – must be accompanied by a full blown narrative in exquisite detail by that group’s scorer so this can written up by the rapporteur for the event;
•   No award for the winning group unless I decide otherwise - which I might;
•   Stableford winner able to win any other prize and loses 1 shot as it’s a nine hole minor major.
•   Losing group pays for coffee (using count back if a draw)

And to cap off the day, TD PT declared:
"Thanks to all for attending todays Australia Day StMMMO – I thought the result was an outstanding one – 24 points by a SMERG who had never won it before in its 22 year history – truly miraculous. As stated at coffee I have decided that I should step down as the convenor of this event.
As you would all know the  Parliament has been ravaged been by the controversy over whether certain members are dual  citizens and therefore ineligible to be member of Parliament. I too hold dual citizenship and accordingly now believe myself to be inappropriate to hold the  high SMERG office of Convenor of the ADSTMMMO. I believe that the significance of the day means the Convenor should be someone with undivided loyalties. – someone who is truly true blue."

2018 Results:
Eleven players on a humid morning.   Started with the national anthem and then - game on!
Click here for individual results.

 Winner  John Webb - 24 points (38 hits with one wipe!)
 Longest drive 14th  James Halliday
 NTP 16th  Rick Chadwick
 Miracles  One from each team - all verified
 Coffee  Group 1 (Hillyard, Thornton, Waddington)
 Individual scores  See Results page



THE DAWN PATROL  (back to top)


Wednesday,  25th April 2018 (26th Year)

TD Alan Waddington


Played each year at Royal Northbridge Golf Club on ANZAC Day

The longest running SMERGS major.  Played over the back nine until 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 played over 18 holes.
In 2010 rain prevented play on 25th April and the event was played over the back nine the following day, a public holiday.

In 2011 rain again prevented play on Anzac Day and just four intrepid SMERGS turned up on the following day (a public holiday due to Easter Monday) to play in intermittent rain.

In 2012, played over the first ten holes which proved popular as 12 intrepid SMERGS did battle with the unfamiliar holes.

In 2013. TD Alan reverted to the back nine format.

In 2017

 There wasno whistle, white stick or deviant in sight as eight SMERGS assembled for our 25th ANZAC (slightly after) DAWN PATROL. It was a beautiful sunrise as we reflected, with the minute’s silence again broken only by the sound of the Northbridge Kookaburras’ own version of The Last Post. A TD initiative was to supplement the traditional English Ode with a tinge of Australiana - Dame Mary Gilmore’s poem  “No Foe Shall Gather our Harvest.”  Tim apologised for his absence.

 In the individual contest, Burnsie stunned his opponents even if he didn’t stun the scorer. After hitting successive balls out of bounds and wiping the first hole he hit 4a4 on the 12th hole and 3a5 on the 18th hole in a total 20 points to secure a resounding victory. Congratulations Peter Burns, winner of the 2017 DAWN PATROL.

 Today, it would have been good to say the Team Contest was a nip and tuck affair, but such was not the case. For Team One, Thornto led the way scoring 7 points in the first three holes while his team-mates struggled. From there it was downhill all the way for Peter and, narrowly, he took “The Crock” award with 13 points. Even as the round continued Peter’s team-mates didn’t fare much better. Rick Butler 14, Gary 15, and AW 16, produced an average which was just not good enough to avoid facing the honour of SMERGS traditional “shout.”

 Team Two recorded three players equal to, or better than the best in Team One. Ken Miller and Rick Chadwick each scored 16 and Steve Urwin 15, which together with Peter’s 20 points easily gave them the Teams Award.

  My thanks to all those participants who have again shared the best of Aussie mate-ship, this year and over the past twenty-five years of SMERGS ANZAC “Dawn Patrol.

Alan W


 2017  Results:               Click here for individual results

 The Winner

 Peter Burns
 NTP 17th  Rick Chadwick
 Longest Drive 18th  Peter (Boom Boom) Burns
 Best team  Ken Miller, Rick Chadwick, Steve Urwin, Peter Burns


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