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Sunday 14 April 2019

Location:Long Reef GC, 7:55am 1st tee time

Tournament Organiser: Phil Stabback

The 2019 event

Ten SMERGS and two visitors were greeted by some ominous clouds and challenging winds for the 2019 playing of the SMERGS Pairs Championships at Long Reef . The course was in excellent condition and fortunately the weather cleared later in the round.

To the usual background grumblings about team selection, handicaps, the wind, various personal ailments and assorted other issues, some outstandingly mediocre golf was played with some notable exceptions - namely Webbie's individual score which won him the 'Super 6' (despite not knowing that such an event existed), and the magnificent shotmaking of Tim 'The Local' Becker and Alan 'the Don' O'Donovan, who won the day by what was probably a SMERGS record margin of a whopping 15 points. Webbie and James (mainly Webbie) took the silver in a titanic struggle for the largely unrecognised runner-up.

Lunch with the ladies was enjoyable as always, and thanks go to our visitors, Stephen and Declan, who made up our number to 12 and lowered the average age considerably. I hope you all had a good day.

General Organisation

  • Play off the white tees

  • Three tee times off the 9th tee commencing at 7.55

  • Three boxed (and new) balls in for the prize pool (full SMERGS members only)

  • Excellent green fees price of $60 (thanks Tim)

  • Steve and Declan will be welcomed as guests

  • Teams (with handicaps and bookmakers comments):

Events and Prizes

  • Event 1 - our guests might like to keep a team score as in the main pairs event. They will be sure to win a prize!

  • Event 2 - NTP on 13th (2 balls), Long Drive on 17th (2 balls) (guests included in both)

  • Event 3 - Individual Super 6: Each player adds up their 6 (SIX) best individual stableford scores for holes 15-8. If a countback is required, it will be determined by number of 4 pointers, then number of 3 pointers, etc. (6 balls and loss of one shot)

  • Event 4 (the main event) - SMERGS Pairs Championship with highest total score calculated as follows based on stableford scores:

    • Holes 9-14 - better ball score

    • Holes 15-2 - aggregate of  scores

    • Holes 3-8 - multiplier of scores

    The (in)famous SMERGS Pairs Jacket, trophy and 12 balls each. Loss of 2 shots each
    If a countback is required, it will be by multiplier, then aggregate then better ball (although we might consider a tie and try to fit 4 into the jacket)


Results in full:


NTP (13th) –                       John Webb (about 40 feet, but it was into the wind!)

Long drive (17th) –          James Halliday (stewards’ inquiry pending given the general form across the day)

Individual Super 6 –       John Webb (count back): 6 balls and -1 from handicap

Pairs Champions –          Tim Becker and Alan O’Donovan: 10 balls each (we were somehow some balls short) and
-2 from handicap each

All scores – Pairs




Becker / O’Donovan



John Webb / James Halliday



Peter Burns / Gary Skulander



Ken Miller / Steve Urwin



Peter Thornton / Nick Hillyard



All scores – Singles (eclectic: best 6 scores of final 12 holes played)

Player  (H'cap)



Webbie (26) 18 1 (CB)
Tim (21) 18 2
Nick  (18) 14 3
James (28) 13 T4
Ken (21) 13 T4
Steve U (28) 13 T4
Burnsie (22) 13 T4
Alan O (7) 13 T4
Gary (25) 11 9
Thornto (26) 10 10

The WInners' Photo

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The Obelisk (three club event)   (back to top)

19 November 2017

2017 titleholder: Rick Butler

Event:  Participation in the 3 club event was at its lowest ebb since records began with a mere 5 stalwarts gracing The Royal for the first minor-major of the year.
As always, the winning score of 16 points is right up there with recent 'full-set' scores so emphasising the fact that most players carry at least 9 clubs too many!
James thus commences the smiscal year with the first minor major and wallowed in the glory of 4 rather shabby golf balls and the privilege of paying for coffee for the vanquished foursome.
Perhaps the missing players were still recovering from the excesses of Thursday night----whatever the explanation we need a few more to leave their "ladies in the nighties, combing their hair" as one infamous songwriter put it!!!!

Tournament Organiser: Nick Hillyard

2018 Results: Click here



                The Bobbick    (back to top)

(or The Golden Putter)

Sunday 23 September 2018
TD: Nick Hillyard

2018 titleholder: Rob Lowndes (23 putts)

2018 Event: 
Nine turned up on and threw in 2 balls each for the normal stableford plus the Golden Putter with TD Nick declaring no gimmees and game on.  Rob showed renewed form helped by a 7.5 week old metal on metal replacement left hip to win both events and lose two shots for a combined prize of 18 balls.  Rob started with two three putt holes followed by just seven putts on the remaining seven holes - showing yet again that the less you play the better you get!
That's it until next year.  Thanks Nick for making it happen.

Click here for stableford results.

2018 Results:
Past winners:
 Player  Putts
 Rob Lowndes 13
 John Ferreira 14
 Gary Skulander 15
 Rick Butler 16
 Mike Bell 17
 Peter Thornton 18
 Nick Hillyard 18
 Ken Miller 18
 John Webb 18
 Year  Winner  Putts
 2018  Rob Lowndes 13
 2017  Rick Butler/Steve Urwin 14
 2016  Rick Butler/Rob Lowndes 13
 2014  Nick Hillyard 9
 2013  Rick Chadwick 13
 2012  Rob Lowndes 13
 2011  Nick Hillyard 12
 2010  Rob Lowndes 13
 2009  Rob Lowndes 14
 2008  Alan Waddington ?
 2007  Rick Butler 14
 2006  Peter Macdougall 12
 2005  Peter Thornton 12
 2004  Nick Hillyard 13
 2003  Tim Becker (MOST putts!) 18


Australia Day Saint Mary McKillop Miracle Open   (back to top)

Monday 28 January 20

Tournament Director:  Steve Urwin

The St Mary Mackillop Miracle Open was taken out by Wadds from a field of 10. The ‘miracle’ ball for each team remained in play until the 18th, when team 2 managed to lose theirs from the middle of play. As my mother would have said “these things happen for a reason”, but who am I to suggest divine punishment for misdemeanours unknown. Team 3’s miracle ball score of 20 took out the team prize from team 1’s 15. Ricky B had NTP for 2 on 11th and Tim B the longest drive on 14th. Miracles were in short supply and no assessment/ adjudication by The Vatican miracle committee was needed.

2019  Rules for the Day

•   Usual 6am in car park meet time, blue SMERGS shirts
•   Back Nine - blue tees, in honour of Mary (if they can be arranged, otherwise white)
•   SMERGS handicaps
•   Groups to be drawn as follows: the highest handicappers on the day will be nominated as team captains – the team captains will then select (hand pick) their teams from the assembled ‘others’ with the highest handicap team captain picking their first team member, the 2nd highest handicap captain selecting next etc until all players selected; a team of three will play first and this will be the team with the highest handicap captain
•   No “I must be in the first group” requests please
•   No ‘gimme’ puts
•   2 shot penalty for arriving at 10th tee after teams selected
•   Two balls in

•   Winner on stableford
•   Nearest the pin on the green in two on the 11th;
•   Longest drive on the cut fairway of the 14th hole;
•   Miracle ball retention – each group will be given a SMMM ball which must be played in rotation through the group, highest handicap player in group to play with this ball on hole 10, 2nd highest to play hole 11 etc through to hole 18. Once out of play/ out of bounds the miracle ball is no longer to be used, even if found.
•   Stableford winner able to win any other prize and loses 1 shot, as it’s a nine hole minor major.
•   TD adjudication is final

Hole in one or eagle
Minor miracle:
2nd ball hole in one or eagle
Holing out from off green
Any other miraculous event determined by TD

2019 Results:
Eleven players on a humid morning.   Started with the national anthem and then - game on!
Click here for individual results.

 Winner  Alan Waddington
 Team prize (Miracle Ball)  Team 3 (Becker, Skulander, Thornton, Urwin)
 Longest drive 14th  Tim Becker
 NTP with hits11th  Rick Butler
 Miracles  Light on!
 Coffee  Team 1 (Bell, Hillyard, Webb)
 Individual scores  See Results page


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Thursday,  25th April 2019 (27th Year)

TD Alan Waddington


Played each year at Royal Northbridge Golf Clubon ANZAC Day

The longest running SMERGS major.  Played over the back nine until 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 played over 18 holes.
In 2010 rain prevented play on 25th April and the event was played over the back nine the following day, a public holiday.

In 2011 rain again prevented play on Anzac Day and just four intrepid SMERGS turned up on the following day (a public holiday due to Easter Monday) to play in intermittent rain.

In 2012, played over the first ten holes which proved popular as 12 intrepid SMERGS did battle with the unfamiliar holes.

In 2013. TD Alan reverted to the back nine format.

In 2019

A beautiful warm and sunny morning greeted nine players for The Ode on the practice green and then a late arrival (Nick) took us to ten.


Scores were close with TD Alan Wadds winning "his" event for the first time in the recorded part of its 27 year history!  NTP on the 17th went to Thornto (though it wasn't that close!), while some controversy in marking the positions led to a tie for LD on the 18th between Webbie and Steve Figgis, both in different groups and both marking their drives.


Thanks again to all participants in the SMERGS 2019 Dawn Patrol.
Alan W

 2019 Results:               Click here for individual results

 The Winner

 Alan Waddington
 NTP 17th  Peter Thornton
 Longest Drive 18th  John Webb and Steve Figgis
 Best team (14 2/3 avge)  Alan O'Donovan, Peter Thornton, John Webb


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