The Northern Beaches Goodwill Golf Pairs Championship (back to top)

Not held in 2021 due to Covid

Location: Long Reef GC

Tournament Organisers: Tim Becker/Gary Skulander

The 2020 event

What better way for SMERGS to start Fathers' Day than playing 18 holes at Long Reef!

The weather was kind, the company with its usual high spirited camaraderie, and what a bonus introducing the girls into the golfing  morning, the first  time in SMERGS 44 years history.

With a field of 24 we were invited to start off 2 tees which meant we were all finished before midday. Way to go!

Young gun Declan with his steady partner Steve P cleaned up with a massive 54 points to win the Trophy and Pairs Jacket.

Robyn and Bernadine were too good for Louise and Sue winning the inaugural Ladies Pairs and received a Pairs jacket to boot.

A special thanks to Phil Stabback for overseeing the event and doing the finishing and scoring.

A great day was had by all and we look forward to next years event, hopefully with no Covid restriction so e can enjoy teh traditional lunch

CoTD Tim B.


2020 General Organisation

  • Green fees price of $75 (pay at Proshop cards only, no cash)

  • Assemble around the practice putting green 6.45am for final briefing and photo

  • Six tee times off the 1st and 9th tees commencing at 7.10am

  • Guys off the white tees, Girls off the red tees

  • Three boxed balls in for the prize pool (SMERGS & Ladies)

  • Handicaps: Guys - SMERGS handicaps, Girls - GA slope adjusted for Long Reef

  • Normal SMERGS gimmees only given by other pair

  • Carts book direct with Proshop on 998 22943


The Results


Team   Front Back Total
1  Nick Hillyard & Rob Lowndes 16 32 48
2  Steve Penny & Declan O'Donovan 19 35 54
3  Tim Becker & Ken Miller 20 24 44
4  Rick Butler & Rick Chadwick 15 27 42
5  Robyn Burns & Bernadine Penny 17 32 49
6  Louise Ferreira & Sue Webb 18 28 46
7  Peter Thornton & John Webb 25 20 45
8  Peter Burns & John Ferreira 16 19 35
9  Steve Urwin & Alan Waddington 18 26 44
10  James Halliday & Gary Skulander 20 24 44
11  Steve Figgis & Alan O'Donovan 18 23 41
12  David Thornton & Steve Figgis 15 17 32





Goodwill Golf pairs Champions for 2020
Steve Penny & Declan O’Donovan
(12 balls each and each lose 2 shots)
Trophy and the Pairs Jacket

Boys Best Front 9
Peter Thornton & John Webb
(6 balls each and each lose 1 shot)

Boys Best Back 9
Nick Hillyard & Rob Lowndes
(6 balls each and each lose 1 shot)


Girls Winning Team (6 balls each)
Robyn Burns & Bernadine Penny

NTP in 2 on 3rd (3 balls)
Girls: Robyn Burns
Boys: Peter Burns

Longest Drive on 9th (3 balls)
Girls: Louise Ferreira
Boys: John Webb

NTP on 13th (3 balls)
Girls: Bernadine Penny
Boys: Rick Butler

The Photos



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The Obelisk (three club event)   (back to top)

19th December 2021

2021 titleholder: James Halliday

2021 Event:  Traditionally held the Sunday after the Annual Dinner the event was postponed due to bad weather.

10 players with three teams in their Christmas finery.  Team 1 provided the winner (James with 22 points), the Croc (John Ferreira with just 4 points proving too many long Christmas lunches can ruin your game), and paid for coffee.

The strange club selection by some was seriously discussed over coffee while Rob Lowndes won NTP on the 17th with his classic iron shot to just left of the tree.  Steve Urwin won a ball for best dressed!

Enjoyable morning thanks to TD Nick

Tournament Organiser:
Nick Hillyard

2021 Results: Click here

The Photo (minus the Thorntons and Phil Stabback):

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The Bobbitt (back to top)

(or The Golden Putter)

Sunday 17 October 2021

TD: Nick Hillyard

The Bobbitt is a celebration of skill with a short stick played in honour of the legendary John Bobbitt who famously had his penis severed and thrown out of the window by his wife. He will forever be known for his performance with a short stick and the moral of the story is "never push your luck on a Sunday morning".  No means No so go and play golf!!
(Previously known as The Bobbick until extensive research by Peter Thornton revealed the mistake.  Click here for Peter's research.)

2021 titleholders: James Halliday and Steve Figgis

The day:  Great turnout with 13 players on a beautiful crisp morning.  It was really a gala day with the final of the DDD also being played between James and Tim and the return to real coffee in a real coffee shop - back to the Northbridge Plaza at Inner Cravings.  A tie and loss of a shot each to James and Steve Figgis for The Bobbitt.

Click here for Stableford results.

      2021 Results:
      Past winners:
 Player  Putts
 James Halliday 13
 Steve Figgis 13
 Rick Butler 14
 Tim Becker 15
 Ken Miller 15
 John Webb 15
 Mike Bell 18
 Rick Chadwick 18
 Peter Thornton 18
 Alan Waddington 18
 Nick Hillyard 19
 Rob Lowndes 19
 Neil McLaren 20
 Year  Winner  Putts
 2021  Steve Figgis/James Halliday 13
 2020  John Webb 13
 2019  Rick Butler/Peter Thornton 14
 2018  Rob Lowndes 13
 2017  Rick Butler/Steve Urwin 14
 2016  Rick Butler/Rob Lowndes 13
 2014  Nick Hillyard 9
 2013  Rick Chadwick 13
 2012  Rob Lowndes 13
 2011  Nick Hillyard 12
 2010  Rob Lowndes 13
 2009  Rob Lowndes 14
 2008  Alan Waddington ?
 2007  Rick Butler 14
 2006  Peter Macdougall 12
 2005  Peter Thornton 12
 2004  Nick Hillyard 13
 2003  Tim Becker (MOST putts!) 18



Australia Day Saint Mary McKillop Miracle Open   (back to top)

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Tournament Director:  Steve Urwin

2021  Event
A magnificent field of 18 players assembled for The Miracle in somewhat muggy conditions. Steve Penny maintained his good recent run to win The Miracle Trophy by one. Three teams retained their miracle ball, something of a miracle in itself, with Team 2 comfortably winning the miracle ball score on 38, from team 5 on 32.


2021  Rules for the Day

Miracle balls provided by TD, I also have cards for each group.



TD adjudication is final and unimpeachable. Any queries, email TD by 5pm 25 Jan. Any late withdrawals, please advise by 5pm 25 Jan, by phone/ text, not email.


TD (with thanks from all) Steve

Click here for individual results.


Steve Penny 21 points

 Team prize (Miracle Ball)

Team 2 (O’Donovan, Becker, Bell)

 NTP with two hits11th

Steve Urwin

 Longest drive 14th

James Halliday

 NTP 15th

Steve Penny

 Miracle ball highest score

Team 2, 38 points

 Miracle ball retention

Teams 2, 4 and 5 all kept the ball through the full 9 holes

Team prize

Teams 1, 2 and 3 tied on 16⅔ points


Team 4 (Ferreira, Skulander, Lowndes)

 Individual scores

 See Results page


The Players
The Winner handles the Trophy


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Monday,  25th April 2022 (30th Year)

TD Alan Waddington


Played each year at Royal Northbridge Golf Club on ANZAC Day

The longest running SMERGS major.  Played over the back nine until 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 played over 18 holes.
In 2010 rain prevented play on 25th April and the event was played over the back nine the following day, a public holiday.

In 2011 rain again prevented play on Anzac Day and just four intrepid SMERGS turned up on the following day (a public holiday due to Easter Monday) to play in intermittent rain.

In 2012, played over the first ten holes which proved popular as 12 intrepid SMERGS did battle with the unfamiliar holes.

In 2013. TD Alan reverted to the back nine format.

In 2020 postponed due to Covid restrictions, played close to Armistice Day on 8th November

In 2021

A cool but beautiful morning with 14 players.  TD Alan had veteran Timmy B read the Ode and David T played the Last Post before the first team hit off.  Rick B led the team selection using the time honoured method of drawing the balls out of a Smergs cap.

The TD had a narrow victory and easily won the LD.  Ricky B and Ricky C shared the NTP as the hole was moved between groups.  The winning team of Butler/Thornton/Lowndes were delighted to win four much needed balls each. Team scores were close 15, 14.67, 14 and 13.5
Thank you Alan for continuing to make this a much loved Major.


 2021 Results:               Click here for individual results

 The Winner

 Alan Waddington
 NTP 17th  Rick Butler/Rick Chadwick
 Longest Drive 18th  Alan Waddington

 Best team (15 avge)

 Rick Butler, Peter Thornton,
 Rob Lowndes


Alan receives the Anzac Day Trophy from the arm of last year's winner, Steve U



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