The Northern Beaches Goodwill Golf Pairs Championship (back to top)

The 2022 event

On a magnificent Spring day it was good to get back to Royal Long Reef for this prestigious event and the teams were keen to fire up at 7.20am.  And fire up they did with all teams back in the Clubhouse just after midday for refreshments and the presentation.

Slightly different format today with Individual front and back 9 winners losing a stroke each and the winning pair losing 2 strokes each.
Following Wadds spell of not playing for a while he has come back performing out of his skin with his third win in as many weeks!  Losing a stroke each week was not a problem for Al!

Many thanks to Gary and Nick for their assistance on the day


2022 General Organisation

•  Green fees price of $80 to be paid to Tim
•  Assemble around the practice putting green 6.55am for final briefing and photo
•  Three tee times off the 9th tee commencing at 7.20am
•  Off the white tees
•  Three boxed balls in for the prize pool
•  Handicaps: SMERGS handicaps adjusted for LR Slope
•  Normal SMERGS gimmees only given by other pair
•  I have booked 3 carts with Teams 1 and 4 covered (1 is still available)
•  Longest Drive 17th Hole
•  NTP 2nd Hole

The Results








 Rick Chadwick & Gary Skulander

 12 & 10

12 & 14



 Steve Urwin & Peter Burns

 9 & 5

 9 & 9



 Tim Becker & Neil McLaren

 11 & 12

11 & 16 



 Alan Waddington & Nick Hillyard

 13 & 11

14 & 14



 Peter Thornton & Mike Bell

 11 & 11

10 & 11



 Ken Miller & David Thornton

 14 & 11

14 & 14





 Goodwill Pairs winners  David Thornton & Ken Miller, 44 points
 Longest Drive 17th Hole  Mike Bell
 NTP 13th Hole  Neil McLaren
 NTP 2nd Hole  Alan Waddington
 Front 9 winner  Alan Waddington, 13 points
 Back 9 winner  Neil McLaren, 16 points


The Photos


The Players
The Winning Pair


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The Obelisk (three club event)   (back to top)

20th November 2022

2022 titleholder: Rick Butler

2022 Event:  Rick reports
Seven players, one ball was put in by everyone with the winner losing 1 shot.  Coffee was generously paid by our Fairy Godmother (AKA Steve U).  Thanks Steve
Some highlights included:
SU ’s tee shot on the 10th almost cleaning up Webby (who was crouching on the path) and ricocheting backwards to finish behind the white tees!
Peter getting out of the bunker on the 16th with a 6 iron.

Tournament Organiser:
Rick Butler for Nick (having a baby in Singapore!)

2022 Results: Click here


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The Bobbitt (back to top)

(or The Golden Putter)

??  2023
TD: Nick Hillyard

The Bobbitt is a celebration of skill with a short stick played in honour of the legendary John Bobbitt who famously had his penis severed and thrown out of the window by his wife. He will forever be known for his performance with a short stick and the moral of the story is "never push your luck on a Sunday morning".  No means No so go and play golf!!
(Previously known as The Bobbick until extensive research by Peter Thornton revealed the mistake.  Click here for Peter's research.)

2022 titleholder: Steve Urwin

The day:  Seven players on a beautiful crisp morning.  Steve Urwin won the day as well as his semi-final DDD match over Steve Figgis.  So Steve U loses a shot and takes home 7 balls.

Click here for Stableford results.

      2022 Results:
      Past winners:
 Player  Putts
 Steve Urwin 14
 Tim Becker 16
 Rick Butler 17
 Rob Lowndes 18
 Peter Thornton 19
 Steve Figgis 19
 Mike Bell 21
 Year  Winner  Putts
 2022  Steve Urwin 14
 2021  Steve Figgis/James Halliday 13
 2020  John Webb 13
 2019  Rick Butler/Peter Thornton 14
 2018  Rob Lowndes 13
 2017  Rick Butler/Steve Urwin 14
 2016  Rick Butler/Rob Lowndes 13
 2014  Nick Hillyard 9
 2013  Rick Chadwick 13
 2012  Rob Lowndes 13
 2011  Nick Hillyard 12
 2010  Rob Lowndes 13
 2009  Rob Lowndes 14
 2008  Alan Waddington ?
 2007  Rick Butler 14
 2006  Peter Macdougall 12
 2005  Peter Thornton 12
 2004  Nick Hillyard 13
 2003  Tim Becker (MOST putts!) 18



Australia Day Saint Mary McKillop Miracle Open   (back to top)

Thursday 26 January 2023

Tournament Director:  Steve Urwin

2022  Report by TD Steve U

No longer Australian of the Year but ‘grace’ abounded with high points scores and ball prizes going in most directions.
Demonstrations took place of multiple COVID-safe tee variants including the Alpha (male), the Delta (Goodrum) and the French (Oh-Macron)!

Coffee at The Local paid for individually.
Neil took out the individual honours with a strong 24 points (37 hits).
Only one miracle ball survived (a miracle in itself given Gary’s tee shot) giving team 1 (consisting appropriately of The Father, The Son and The Holy Gary, along with Ricky B, now known as ‘Mary’) the win.

The miracle ball amassed 48 points, something of a minor miracle in itself.
Minor miracle birdies to Neil (12th), Ricky B and James (15th)
NTP (in 2) on 11th Neil
Long drive (on 14th) Neil
NTP on 15th James
Team 2 (Neil, Ken, Rob and Steve U) best average on 19½
‘The Son’ should not be crucified for The Croc, given he scored 15

2022  Rules for the Day

Miracle balls and heaps of others provided by TD



Neil McLaren 24 points

 Team prize (Miracle Ball)

Team 1 (Butler, Skulander, Thornton P, Thornton D) 48 points

 NTP with two hits11th

Neil McLaren

 Longest drive 14th

Neil McLaren

 NTP 15th

James Halliday

Team prize

Team 2 (McLaren, Miller, Urwin, Lowndes) 19.5 points

 Individual scores

 See Results page


TD presents the trophy

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Tuesday,  25th April 2023 (31st Year)

TD Alan Waddington


Played each year at Royal Northbridge Golf Club on ANZAC Day

The longest running SMERGS major.  Played over the back nine until 2007.  In 2008 and 2009 played over 18 holes.
In 2010 rain prevented play on 25th April and the event was played over the back nine the following day, a public holiday.

In 2011 rain again prevented play on Anzac Day and just four intrepid SMERGS turned up on the following day (a public holiday due to Easter Monday) to play in intermittent rain.

In 2012, played over the first ten holes which proved popular as 12 intrepid SMERGS did battle with the unfamiliar holes.

In 2013. TD Alan reverted to the back nine format.

In 2020 postponed due to Covid restrictions, played close to Armistice Day on 8th November

In 2022

The day was threatening overhead and heavy underfoot as eight SMERGS hit off for the 2022 ANZAC Day trophy, the thirtieth year of "The Dawn Patrol." We assembled on the putting green where Tim recited "The Ode," briefly outlined his conscription and subsequent tour of duty in Vietnam then led the players off to the 10th tee for the traditional team selection.


Unfortunately the TD was a spectator this year but at the conclusion of the round presented the trophy and the booty at "The Halfway House." James (23pts) was victorious from Steve Urwin (21pts) and Nick was NTP on the 17th. For the first time in the history of the event, no drive on the 18th qualified as "long"  (the two balls passing to Runner-up Steve Urwin, much to Bradman's disappointment). Team One took 3 balls each in the teams event and, according to tradition, Team Two paid for coffee.


My thanks to Tim, and to all who participated this year.
TD Alan

And special thank you to Alan for continuing to make this a much loved Major, even while temporarily incapacitated!.


 2022 Results:               Click here for individual results

 The Winner

 James Halliday
 NTP 17th  Nick Hillyard
 Longest Drive 18th  Void!

 Best team

 Nick H, James H, Steve U, Steve F


James receives the Trophy from TD Alan



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