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The Country Classic (featuring the Tweed Jacket)

Riverside Oaks – Friday, 5 November 21, 9:00am, $109 each

The Event

Delayed several months due to Covid, a weekday slot was slipped in at short notice and nine SMERGS were willing and able to play.  The forecast was a little gloomy but the rain held off until after we'd finished and the course was in superb condition.

Results below.  The lowest score was 26 points showing that everyone put in a good day although Lowndesy could hardly do too much wrong to win with 42 points after wiping the 2nd and 18th holes.  The coloured ball battle was short for Team 1 (1st hole)and Team 2 lost theirs early on the back nine.  Team 3's ball survived until the 18th when the overall winner hit a terrific second shot into the pond but it had already accumulated 32 points for an easy win.

The final drama for the day was when a kookaburra swooped and stole the winner's partly eaten ham sandwich as it was only inches from his mouth.  Clever bird!

Rules for the day:
  • Three boxed balls entry
  • Smergs handicaps, slope adjusted (plus 1 for all handicaps)
  • Play off white tees
  • No gimmees
  • NTP 8 and 11
  • Longest Drive 10
  • Usual prizes:  overall, front/back nine and loss of shots
  • Survival team prize, best survival ball score, played in handicap order
  • Overall team prize decided by best score first 6 holes, best 2 scores next 6 holes, best 3 scores last 6

TD Rob


2021 Results




Front 9 S’ford

Back 9 S‘ford

Total S’ford


 John Ferreira 19 15 16 31

69 points

 Mike Bell 28 17 16 33
   James Halliday 29 13 15 28


 Nick Hillyard 22 15 17 32

 59 points

 Alan Waddington 26 13 16 29


 Steve Figgis 33 13 14 27


 Gary Skulander 25 15 11 26

 82 points

 Peter Thornton 26 17 18 35


 Rob Lowndes 33 21 21 42


The Prizes:
 Best Individual   Rob Lowndes (2 shots lost)  Front 9 Individual  Mike Bell (1 shot)
 Back 9 Individual   Peter Thornton (1 shot)  NTP 8th  James Halliday
 Longest Drive 10th   Gary Skulander  NTP  11th  Peter Thornton
 Survival Ball   Team 3  Best Team  Team 3


 The Photos:

2020 winner Alan Waddington congratulates Tweed Jacket winner Rob Lowndes

On the 1st tee
Still on the 1st tee
The after party

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