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The Country Classic (featuring the Tweed Jacket)

Riverside Oaks – Sunday, 28 August 22, 7:00am, $120 each

The Event

Rules for the day:
  • Three boxed balls entry
  • Smergs handicaps plus 2 for everyone, slope adjusted (118/113)
  • Play off white tees
  • No gimmees
  • NTP 8 and 11
  • Longest Drive 10
  • Usual prizes:  overall, front/back nine and loss of shots
  • Survival team prize, best survival ball score, played in handicap order
  • Overall team prize decided by best score first 6 holes, best 2 scores next 6 holes, best 3 scores last 6

A fog and about a thousand kangaroos welcomed us to a course in great condition, especially the very fast, but fair, greens.  The white tees were well forward as they will become the women's tees for an event this week even more important than ours.  And thank goodness, as the scores showed we all struggled at times. 

Ken, Mike and Webbie were the most consistent but everyone stuffed up at times.  Team 2's survival ball lasted until the 11th hole, Team 1's until the 12th.  Amazing that the overall team scores using the 6/6/6 rule were equal when Team 1 had an aggregate 106 points compared to Team 2's 86 points.  Team 2's 8 points on the 18th helped greatly!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who turned up.

As a footnote, it was sad and incredulous to see the devastation to the Bungool (new) course from the floods.  Proshop's Isabelle told us they hope to reconstruct the course but are wary of more rain to come.

2022 Results




Front 9 S’ford

Back 9 S‘ford

Total S’ford


 Ken Miller 18 16 14 30

64 points

 Mike Bell 23 14 13 26
   Rob Lowndes 29 15 10 25
   Steve Figgis 32 17 8 25


 John Webb 19 14 14 28

64 points

 Steve Urwin 22 6 8 14
   David Thornton 29 11 17 28


 Rick Chadwick 30 10 6 16


The Prizes:
 Best Individual  Ken Miller (2 shots lost)  Front 9 Individual  Steve Figgis (1 shot)
 Back 9 Individual  David Thornton (1 shot)  NTP 8th  No one!
 Longest Drive 10th  Mike Bell  NTP  11th  Mike Bell
 Survival Ball  Team 1  Best Team  Draw


 The Photos:

2021 winner presents the Tweed Jacket to Ken Miller

The teams celebrating Ken's win
Welcome from mum and joey

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